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Pallet Description

If you are renting pallets, you will probably need to have a steady supply of them. Take some time and think about the number of pallets you will need to have available on a regular basis. Make sure you have a couple of extra on hand just in case. It is always better to have too many pallets than too few. Make sure that you are choosing a pallet that offers stability and durability as well. When you are shipping items, the only thing that stands between them and the floor of a truck is the pallet

Features of pallets

Most of the pallets are made from wood, but there are some out there offering plastic pallets as well. The pallets have the standard size, as mentioned above and they also have similar construction to all of the other pallets on the market. Not only do the plastic pallets need to have the same size, but also the same design so that forklifts and pallet jacks will not have a problem lifting them.

How pallets work

pallet rentalsPallets are ideal shipping platforms that many companies use for freight shipping. There are two main types of pallets. These are the stringer pallet and the block pallet. The stringer pallets are made with 2x4s, including for the center stringers. The block pallet is very similar, but they will use blocks for the center stringer and the ends instead. The standard pallet size is 40”x80”. To use a pallet, you will simply place the items that you plan to ship or to store onto the pallet. Then, you can wrap it with plastic wrap to keep it all in place. The pallet also provides the perfect platform so that it’s easy to move with a forklift, and a pallet jack.

About pallets

If you are shipping items from your warehouse, you know how important it is to have high quality pallets available. Too often, companies use and reuse pallets until they are splintering and dangerous. Some might end up in such bad shape that they can no longer hold up their usual amount of weight. This is the last thing you want to have happen. Not only could they cause an injury, but also they happen to be unsightly.

Pallet Applications

  • Warehouse
  • Shipping
  • Storage

Pallet Manufacturers

  • Pallet One
  • John Rock
  • Herwood

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