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Dolly Platform Description

When you are renting a dolly platform, you have to think about the size of the dolly that will fit your needs. Will it be large enough? It is too large to fit easily through the doors at your company or not? How much is the dolly rated to carry? You don’t want to go over capacity, as it can damage the dolly. When requesting quotes through the KWIPPED supplier network, state your intentions for the platform dolly. A KWIPPED supplier then can help you find the right dolly for your situation.

Features of dolly platforms

Even though there are a number of different manufacturers for these dollies, they all have the same basic shape and features. They will have the aforementioned platform and wheels. The quality of the wheels can vary – better quality generally means a smoother performance. The base platform is typically metal, but there are some wooden dolly platforms as well. Some of the dollies will have grips on the handles to make it easier and more comfortable to wheel it around.

How dolly platforms work

platform dolly rentalThe platform dolly is actually very simple in concept and practice. It has a low platform that’s generally only several inches or so off the ground. The platform is supported by four wheels. You will place the items that you need to transport onto the dolly and then push the handle to take it with you wherever you need to go. A common application for this device is in a store such as Target, or even a grocery store. The worker places items that he or she needs to stock on the shelf onto the dolly platform and then wheels it out into the store. It’s also useful in warehouses and a number of other areas.

About dolly platforms

When you have a large amount of material that you need to move from one place to another, a dolly platform is a great potion. The dolly has a handle and a large flat platform as a base above four wheels. These are in use in a number of different places and for a variety of applications because they are just so useful. They make it faster and easier to move large and heavy items, as well as many smaller items.

Dolly Platform Applications

  • Warehouse
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Offices

Dolly Platform Manufacturers

  • Safco
  • Wesco
  • The Fairbanks Company
  • Olympia

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