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Boom Lifts

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  • Platform Height
    •  <30 ft.
    •  30-39 ft.
    •  40-49 ft.
    •  50-59 ft.
    •  60-69 ft.
    •  70-79 ft.
    •  80+ ft.
  • Horizontal Reach
    •  <30 ft.
    •  30-39 ft.
    •  40-49 ft.
    •  50-59 ft.
    •  60-69 ft.
    •  70-79 ft.
    •  80+ ft.
  • Lift Capacity
    •  500 lbs
    •  600 lbs
    •  700 lbs
    •  800 lbs
    •  900 lbs
    •  1,000 lbs
  • Type
    •  Articulating
    •  Electric
    •  Towable
    •  Combustion
    •  Straight Boom
  • Brand
    •  Genie
    •  Skyjack
    •  Haulotte
    •  JLG
    •  Snorkel

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Boom Lifts

  On average, boom lifts rent 18.0 days for:


Per Month
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  • $1,190

  • $4,500



Per Week
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  • $440

  • $13,950



Per Day
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  • $150

  • $4,650

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Features of boom lifts

aerial liftThe machine features a vehicle, along with extending arms and a series of different controls. Depending on the type of aerial lift you choose, the arm may be flexible and articulating, or it may be telescoping instead. This will extend the arm straight out. It may move up and down as well, but it will not have the articulation of other arms. The basket or platform will typically have controls as well, so the workers in the platform will be able to move the arm as needed. In addition, there are often connections for power tools in the lift. Some may also have specialized equipment attached.

How boom lifts work

The aerial lift has a basket or a platform at one end of a mechanical arm. The arm is connected to a vehicle below. The operator of the vehicle will control the arm, as well as the vehicle. The lift may feature hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical components.

About boom lifts

An aerial lift is a machine mounted to a vehicle that lifts workers and other personnel. They can go by a number of different names, including extendable boom platforms, aerial ladders, articulating boom platforms, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, manlifts and more. They are quickly becoming more common than scaffolding and ladders, as they are easily mobile, and they are safe when operated correctly.

Boom Lift Applications

  • Window washing
  • Construction
  • Roof repair
  • Tree trimming
  • Maintenance
  • Moving equipment

Boom Lift Manufacturers

  • Genie
  • JGL
  • Terex
  • MEC

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