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Features of scrapers

The scraper blade comes with a straight edge, a drop center, or teeth.  The bin will either be a carryall or ejector model.  Carryall scrapers are lighter and useful for sand and soft ground.  Ejector scrapers are heavier and work well with damp materials that would otherwise stick inside the scraper.  Tractors made specifically for scrapers must pull them.  These are not the same as agricultural tractors.  Scraper tractors have more safety measures in the cab, higher horsepower, larger tires, and front weights to balance the scraper.  Multiple scrapers can be pulled in tandem behind a tractor; ask your KWIPPED network supplier to determine if this is a good option for you.

How scrapers work

A large blade scrapes the ground sending the loosened material into a large bin.  A tractor must pull the scraper; it is not driven itself.  There are two kinds of scrapers, the carryall and the ejector.  The differences are found in how the material is released from the scraper’s bin.  The bottom of a carryall scraper opens to pour out all the material at once.  An ejector scraper gradually pushes the material out the back with a conveyor belt.

About scrapers

Scrapers are used primarily for farming.  They are pulled behind a tractor to level the ground and promote proper drainage in fields.  A large blade scrapes the top level of the earth creating a smooth surface.  Farmers are then able to plant their crops as efficiently as possible.

Scraper Applications

  • Farming
  • Earth moving
  • Drainage management

Scraper Manufacturers

  • Caterpillar
  • John Deere
  • K-Tec
  • Rome
  • Vassar

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