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  On average, ride-on trenchers rent 7.0 months for:


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  • $850

  • $3,000



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  • $350

  • $1,000



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  • $135

  • $250

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Features of ride-on trenchers

Ride-on trenchers will have an operator’s chair with access to a steering wheel, joystick controls for the trencher and other attachments, and status monitors.  All trenchers will have a blade, most commonly with a digging chain.  Most models also come with a backfill blade.  A few examples of other attachment options are the following: backhoe, earth saw, vibratory plow, and micro trencher.  Micro trenchers look like a circular saw blade; the word micro describes the trench size being dug, not necessarily the trencher itself.  Micro trenchers are used to cut asphalt and bury fiber optic cables.  Often trenchers will have a boom arm opposite the trencher to operate a bucket attachment.  

How ride-on trenchers work

The tooth-covered chain rotates around the trench blade as the operator lowers the blade to the ground.  The teeth dig into the dirt, clay, sand, rock, or other material creating a trench.  Average trenchers are capable of digging trenches up to 5ft deep and 6”-12” wide.  Different digging chains are available to suit the material you are digging into at your jobsite.

About ride-on trenchers

Ride-on trenchers are used to dig narrow ditches, called trenches, in the ground.  They are most frequently used to bury utility cables and pipes.  A long, narrow attachment extends from either the front or rear of the tractor.  This is surrounded with a tooth-covered chain similar to a chainsaw.

Ride-On Trencher Applications

  • Municipal utility line burial
  • Sewer and pipe burial
  • Fiber optic cable burial
  • Cutting rock or cement
  • Building construction

Ride-On Trencher Manufacturers

  • Case
  • Ditch Witch
  • Toro
  • Vermeer

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