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Shot Blaster Description

Shot blasters help to make the process of stripping, cleaning, and readying concrete surfaces for new overlays and coatings faster and easier than older traditional methods. The blasters are able to produce a surface that is ready for a new coating right away. The concrete is left with a slightly rough texture that will make it easier to put on a new top and have it adhere. In addition, the surface is dry after using the shot blaster, so the contractors can get to work adding the new floor surface quickly.

Many of the shot blasters available utilize blades that are similar to paddles. They are angled to shear off the top layer of the concrete. In doing so, it also removes all of the grime, dirt, and grit that may have accumulated on the concrete over the years. Due to the design of the machine, the dust it generates is accumulated in a dust collector, so the contractor doesn’t have to worry about dust all over the floor when they are through.

Features of shot blasters

There are a number of different types and models of shot blaster available today. The two main types are the walk-behind and the ride-on models. The blasting path of the machines can range from 4” to 32”. They can remove between 200 and 3,000 square feet of surface each hour based on the model.
Naturally, the walk-behind units are best suited when working in smaller environments. Those who have to clear out large open areas might find that the ride-on units are a better option.

The shot blasters are very good at removing chemical contaminants, dirt and grit, and the top layers of concrete in most cases. However, they have trouble when it comes to removing heavy and thick elastomeric coatings.

When choosing a shot blaster, the contractor needs to consider the type of job they are doing and just how much of the surface they are going to need to remove. There are machines out there capable of taking off only a small portion of the surface, as well as those that can remove a substantial portion. Find the machine that works the best for your particular job.

Shot Blaster Manufacturers

Some of the most popular manufacturers for shot blasters include BlastPro and National Equipment. Always be sure to check the features and options available with the shot blaster before renting a particular model.

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