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Mortar Mixer Description

Mortar mixers come in many different sizes today, which will be an important factor when you are making your choice. You will need to think about the job that you are doing to determine whether you need to have a large unit, a small unit, or perhaps even several of the mixers at the project site. Choosing the right size and having a location where you can keep the mixer while it is being used, and when not in use are some of the most important considerations when renting.

If you need to have both concrete and mortar mixed, do not make the mistake of trying to do both in the same mixer. You will need a concrete mixer, as well as a mortar mixer. The aggregate in concrete will cause more wear and tear on a mortar mixer, and the large pieces of gravel could even become lodged between the barrel and the paddles.

How mortar mixers work

The paddles in the mortar mixer will rotate on a shaft that is placed at the center of the barrel. They will typically have rubber at the edges of these paddles, which help to scrape the mortar away from the sides of the barrel.

You will find that the mortar mixers tend to be just as simple to use as any other type of mixer that you have used in the past. Just follow the instructions when creating the mortar, and when cleaning the mixer, and you will have no problem.

About mortar mixers

When people are first looking for mortar mixers, if they do not typically work in the field, they sometimes make the mistake of thinking that concrete and mortar are the same thing, so concrete mixers and mortar mixers must be the same. While there are certainly similarities, there are differences between concrete and mortar, and their mixers.

Concrete will typically have gravel as part of the aggregate, whereas mortar will only have sand. This means that mortar, which is typically what is put between bricks, is going to be smoother. The mortar mixers have barrels like concrete mixers, but the barrel does not rotate the same way as that of a drum mixer that is typically used for concrete.

Mortar Mixer Manufacturers

Mortar mixers are used for many different projects today, and they are used in a range of applications. Many companies are manufacturing these mixers including Bartell Morrison, Crown, Eirich Machine, Inc., and Tinius Olsen, Inc.

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