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Spectrum Analyzers

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Spectrum Analyzer Description

Most renters will rent or lease a swept type spectrum analyzer, but be sure to consider if the FFT type would be better for your needs.  The FFT type spectrum analyzer is capable of capturing a waveform more quickly than the swept type, FFT can analyze phase which swept cannot, and FFT can store data for later analysis and swept cannot.  On the other hand, swept spectrum analyzers can measure higher frequencies and bandwidths and are less expensive than FFT models.
To rent or lease a spectrum analyzer, gather as much data as you can about your signal.  Be sure to check required regulations so you can test your device within these parameters.  You should have an idea of the average strength and size of your signal, this information will help you determine the appropriate spectrum analyzer for your testing needs.

Features of spectrum analyzers

Spectrum analyzers have a large control panel and display screen.  The controls allow the operator to set the specifications and parameters of the portion of the signal to be viewed.  The controls are complex, and your KWIPPED network supplier will assist you in navigating them successfully. 
The display has x and y-axes.  The signal is shown on the screen for analysis.  The y-axis is the frequency and the x-axis is the amplitude.  Unlike an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer does not show time.

How spectrum analyzers work

There are two main types of spectrum analyzers.  The most commonly used is the swept or superheterodyne type, which sweeps through the frequency with a voltage-controlled oscillator to view the signals and their strengths.  The second type is the fast Fourier transform (FFT) spectrum analyzer.  FFT analyzers use a formula to convert input signals to a digital format that can be analyzed on the display of the spectrum analyzer.  FFT models take successive samples rather than look at the whole signal like the swept analyzers.

About spectrum analyzers

Spectrum analyzers measure the magnitude of an input signal in relation to the frequency through the entire range of the device being tested.  They can be used to determine the high, low, and dominant characteristics of a signal.  Comparing a signal before and after it goes through the device under test will show the affect of the device on the signal.

Spectrum Analyzer Applications

  • Engineering
  • Telecommunication
  • Manufacturing
  • Laboratory

Spectrum Analyzer Manufacturers

  • Agilent
  • Anritsu
  • Keysight
  • Rohde & Schwarz
  • Tektronix

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