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Features of rf amplifiers

RF amplifiers vary in size and optional features.  Some are small devices to be inserted in a network; others are larger and have a display screen.  All RF amplifiers will have input and output ports as well as access to a power supply.  You can insert the RF amplifier into your network at an appropriate point for your needs.  

How rf amplifiers work

An input signal enters the RF amplifier and energy is added to it from a power supply.  The wave proportions and shape of the initial signal remain, but the amplitude is increased.  The amount of energy added and the resulting amplification of the RF signal depend on the specifications of the RF amplifier.  Broadband, high power, high gain, high frequency, low noise, and limiting RF amplifiers are available from the KWIPPED network of suppliers.

About rf amplifiers

Radio frequency (RF) amplifiers turn low power signals into larger signals with more power.  This is usually done to operate a transmitting antenna, although there are many reasons to amplify a signal.  Telecommunications operations frequently amplify RF signals.  In electronic equipment testing it may be necessary to amplify a signal before testing it with another device.

RF Amplifier Applications

  • Telecommunications
  • Industry
  • Electronic testing
  • Household
  • Military
  • Weather radar

RF Amplifier Manufacturers

  • ABP Digital
  • Agilent
  • Avago
  • Klipsch
  • Texas Instruments
  • Wison

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