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Features of emc test equipments

Equipment created to investigate emissions issues have sensors that detect the electromagnetic energy in the air and in the wiring leaving the device under test.  One example of an EMC emissions test is a spectrum analyzer.  Susceptibility testing is performed by injecting voltage and current into the device with a radiating antenna, clamp, or transformer.  Results from both emissions testing and susceptibility testing can be sent to a computer for analysis with programmable application software.

How emc test equipments work

Electronic equipment must be tested for emission issues and susceptibility issues.  The EMC test equipment measures unwanted electromagnetic energy generated by the equipment.  Problems caused from this creation of electromagnetic energy are the emission issues.  Susceptibility issues arise from the reactions of other equipment in the environment to the unwanted electromagnetic energy.  Often this testing is conducted in a specialized chamber created to control all variables present in the room.  Open air testing works well, but is less convenient.

About emc test equipments

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test equipment is used to determine the electromagnetic energy generated and received by electronic equipment.  The goal of the testing is to allow different pieces of electronic equipment to work in the same environment without interrupting each other’s functions.  Everyday items like cell phones, cars, and utility meters have undergone EMC testing.  This test equipment is frequently used for engineering projects.  EMC testing is necessary to be sure your equipment/device meets required standards.

EMC Test Equipment Applications

  • Industry
  • Medical
  • Telecommunication
  • Engineering
  • Renewable energy
  • Technology development

EMC Test Equipment Manufacturers

  • Aeroflex
  • Com-Power, Co.
  • Haefely
  • National Instruments
  • Tektronix
  • Teseq

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