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Component Analyzers / LCR Meters

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KWIPPED has 28 suppliers of Component Analyzers / Lcr Meter waiting to earn your business.  Learn More.

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Component Analyzers / LCR Meter

  On average, component analyzers / lcr meters rent 3.5 months for:


For 60 months
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  • $36

  • $36



For 48 months
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  • $42

  • $42



For 36 months
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  • $52

  • $52



Per Week
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  • $110

  • $110

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Features of component analyzers / lcr meters

kwipped rents lcr metersLCR Meters typically include a handler interface, versatile connectivity options, variable frequency ranges and measurement parameters. They might include a Kelvin fixture which uses two wires to carry the test current and two independent wires to sense the voltage across the device under test. A back interface allows external bias connection.

KWIPPED suppliers can help you to navigate available Component Analyzer or LCR Meter rental or lease options.  They are quite verse in application and equipment capabilities.

How component analyzers / lcr meters work

A Component Analyzer or LCR Meter works by placing the DUT (Device Under Test) under AC voltage stress while the meter measures the voltage and current. The ratio between the voltage and current yields the magnitude of the impedance. In more advanced instruments, the phase angle between the voltage and current can be measured in conjunction with the impedance, capacitance (or inductance), and resistance. Measuring impedance can be done in a variety of ways, one of the most familiar is the nulling type bridge method. Modern instruments have employed software-driven control and processing techniques for measurement.

About component analyzers / lcr meters

A component analyzer, or a LCR Meter is an electronic test equipment piece that is used to measure a component's inductance, capacitance, and resistance (LCR). Component Analyzers or LCR Meters make it easy to measure and plot the impedance of a Device Under Test (DUT) over a range of frequencies.

Component Analyzers / LCR Meter Applications

  • Research and development
  • Production automated testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Inspection (general)
  • Manufacturing

Component Analyzers / LCR Meter Manufacturers

  • Keysight
  • Agilent
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Instek
  • Quadtec
  • Lisun
  • Precision
  • Lacroy
  • Sinometer
  • DV Power
  • AEMC
  • Miller Instruments
  • SMC

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