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Micro-Ohmmeter Description

Because you will be working with such low voltage, you need to make sure the device you have for measurement is highly accurate. You want to make sure that it has the features and options you need, as well. Be sure to compare and contrast the rental or lease options so you can find the one that will work best for your needs.

Some of the other things you will need to consider when you are choosing the micro-ohmmeter include the resistance ranges, the accuracy, the resistance resolution, the power supply, the enclosure IP rating, the temperature compensation, and the maximum test current. Know as much as possible about the device you are considering before you rent.

Consider the size of the device, too. If you want to have something that is small and portable, as many do, check the size and the weight. Make sure it will work for your workspace.

It is important that the person who will be using the micro-ohmmeter knows and understands how to use it properly, how to read it, and how to record the findings. They also need to know what those findings mean.

Features of micro-ohmmeters

These are used in many applications for testing various types of electronics. One of the nice features about these devices is that they can perform very accurate and high quality measurements at specified test currents. They are used for contact and bonding applications in most cases.

These devices can be used for many different types of applications including measurements for generators, electric motors, fuses, resistors, coils, transducers, vehicles, connectors, and more. They are used in the transportation industry, the automotive industry, aerospace, and much more.

How micro-ohmmeters work

Another name for the instrument is a DLRO. This acronym stands for Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter. These devices are often used with a Kelvin System, which is a type of four-wire measurement system. One of the benefits of the micro-ohmmeters that utilize the Kelvin system is that they can be taken “without the influence of measuring probes, leads, contact points, and wiring.”

About micro-ohmmeters

A micro-ohmmeter is a device that is used to measure electrical resistance, similar to a traditional ohmmeter. However, the micro-ohmmeter is used for making low resistance measurements. 

Micro-Ohmmeter Manufacturers

There are many different manufacturers making micro-ohmmeters today. Some of the top brands include AEMC Instruments, Megger, Rigol, Instek, FLIR, and Extech. There are many quality options on the market that are making high quality, accurate products.

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