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Ground Resistance Tester Description

When you are renting a ground resistance tester, you will find that many of the brands on the market have units that have similar functions and features. You want to choose one that comes from one of the top manufacturers and that has a good reputation. Finding one that has a simple to use control interface is a good idea as well. It ensures easier use, especially for those who are new to using this type of machine. Make sure you are capable of understanding the readouts and what they will mean for your project as well.

Features of ground resistance testers

ground resistance testerThe device tends to have a relatively simple interface. They will have an on and off switch, as well as different settings to detect the resistivity of the ground. They may also have a battery indicator so you can determine when you are low on batteries. A low battery could actually throw off your results. In addition, they have an easy to read LCD screen so you will have no trouble seeing your results.

How ground resistance testers work

There are several methods of measuring the ground resistance using a tester. They will typically have metal probes attached to them, which you will then place into the earth. You can then turn the machine on and run the test. The machine has a display, which will then provide you with the basic ground resistance for the area. Using the machine is simple, but truly understanding the readouts and what they mean will take someone in the know.

About ground resistance testers

A ground resistance tester is a machine that determines the resistivity of the earth, and is typically expressed in ohm-centimeters. The resistivity of soil is simply the amount of resistance that the soil puts up to electricity. Since soil is different just about everywhere, it is important to get a reading on the resistivity before installing any type of cabling that will be putting lines in the ground. This is essential for designing a grounding system for an electrical substation, for example. The resistivity of soil typically depends on several things. This includes the temperature, the salt content, and the moisture content. Soil that is moist and that contains more salt tends to be more conductive.

Ground Resistance Tester Applications

  • Electrical installation
  • Laying cable

Ground Resistance Tester Manufacturers

  • Megger
  • Fluke
  • AEMC

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