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Current Transformer Tester Description

One of the things you might want to look for with the tester is how much automation it offers, and just how much storage it can provide. Does the tester have a USB interface? Some of the testers even have a built-in printer. Is this something you will need for the work that you do? Take the time to check all of the features of the testers you are considering renting and then choose the right one for the job.

Consider the size and portability, as well. As mentioned, many of the current transformer testers are small and easily portable, which can be quite convenient for operators and technicians. However, there may be some that are part of a larger set and that come on a cart. Always make sure you know exactly what you are getting and that it will suit your workspace, whatever and wherever it might be.

When you get the item, even if you have used current transformer testers in the past, make sure you understand the proper way to use it so you can get the best possible results.

Features of current transformer testers

Because there are so many different makes and models of current transformer testers on the market, the features they include can vary. Make sure that the tester you choose is capable of performing the tests that you need and that it can supply you with the needed data.

Most of the current transformer tester units that people will be using today are small and portable, although there are some larger models in use. The advantage of the smaller models is that they are lightweight and easier to carry from one spot to another. 

How current transformer testers work

Different types of testers have the capacity to offer various types of tests. Some can perform saturation tests, ratio and polarity tests, current tests, demagnetization, insulation resistance tests, and more. Quality pieces of equipment can provide users with the data they need, as well. They can store and print the data, as needed.

About current transformer testers

Current transformer testers are a type of testing equipment used in the electrical field. As the name of the item suggests, the tester is designed to check the current to make sure it falls within a certain range.

Current Transformer Tester Manufacturers

Quite a few different companies are making current transformer testers today. Some of the manufacturers include Vanguard, Megger, Omicron, Magnus, and ISA.

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