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Features of 3d dental scanners

Most 3D scanning systems are equipped with a way to project 3D light, as well as offering several different cameras (at least three) to assist with medical imaging. The scanner typically comes with associated CAD software, making it easy to assist with the creation of new molds for crowns and bridges. The type of 3D scanner available depends on the CAD/CAM software installed with the dental office. A 3D scanning system can use either white light technology or laser technology to scan a specific area of the mouth or head. Both types of light scanning are effective, and come with a variety of benefits and disadvantages. Other features of a 3D scanning system include:

  • Bars and removable parts

  • Long span scanning ability

  • CAD restoration abilities

  • Inspection tools

How 3d dental scanners work

3D scanning systems use a system of microns to detect the 3D surfaces of an area, which helps the CAD/CAM software create the custom mold as efficiently as possible. As a result of 3D scanning, dentists can manufacture dentures, bridges, veneers, crowns, and more. This system is very accurate and uses the science of metrology to perform at a high pace. Regardless of if the system involves laser lights or white lights, the scanner can achieve the same level of preciseness for the CAD machine to read.

The most advanced 3D scanners can use up to 10 microns per value, and all scanners can typically reach close to that point. There is the ability to manually control the camera angle, brightness, exposure, and so on. The technician can control all of these functionalities at the touch of the button, allowing it to work in conjunction with the computer-assisted manufacturing machine.  

About 3d dental scanners

3D scanning is still a relatively new technology in the professional world, and many dentists and dental establishments wonder what can be done to improve this technology. With a basic understanding of how 3D scanning works, technicians can use their 3D scanners to accurately take three-dimensional pictures of an area, including the surface area of a tooth. That way, the CAD machine will have something more precise to read, and it will result in a successful dental implant made of zirconia or another tooth-like material.

3D Scanning Systems Applications

  • Dental office

  • Dental manufacturer

  • Primary care office

  • Academic facility

  • Manufacturing facility

3D Dental Scanner Manufacturers

  • Straumann

  • Amanngirrbach

  • Reitel

  • Egsolutions

  • Zirkonzahn

  • Imetric

  • Smartoptics

  • Bio-art

  • AGE Solutions

  • Gt medical

  • Carestream Dental

  • Dentsply Sirona

  • 3shape

  • Dentaurum

  • Laserdentium

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