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Facial Imaging Systems

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Features of facial imaging systems

High quality facial imaging systems will allow the cosmetic professionals to identify skin components when they consult with their clients. The machines will let them get a better understanding of the condition of the skin, including elements such as sun damage and even the vascular condition of the face.

These machines can help the cosmetic professionals and the clients better determine the types of treatments that will be most beneficial for them, such as laser treatments or facials. They can help to determine what type of skin care would work best for the client, as well. As a patient undergoes various treatments, the cosmetic professionals can utilize the facial imaging system with the client again to check out their improvements.

How facial imaging systems work

The systems take images of the facial skin. They will typically take an image of what the skin looks like under normal lighting conditions, as well as images with filters that can reveal elements like sun damage, brown spots on the skin, and other anomalies. Some of the systems on the market even have a 3D system integrated with them. This can show lines and wrinkles, which could be helpful for those who want injectables such as Botox, for example.

About facial imaging systems

Cosmetic clinics and medi spas want to provide clients with the very best service and procedures. Finding new items and options that can be utilized in the clinic to help clients can help to increase the number of clients. One of the items that is becoming popular with many clinics is the facial imaging system.

Facial Imaging System Manufacturers

Manufacturers that make this type of equipment today include Dermo Scan, Cortex Technology, Derma Lumics, and Canfield Imaging Systems.

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