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Cryolipolysis System Description

There are a number of models from various manufacturers. Those who are considering using one of the machines in their clinic should consider renting a model, and basing that rental or lease on the features of the machine and the needs of their clinic. If this is a new offering at the spa, you might only want to rent or lease a single machine at first to gauge the popularity with clients. Check to see what options and features the machine offers, and whether it will be easy to use and integrate with the equipment that you have in your spa already. If it proves popular, you may find that you need to rent or lease more cryolipolysis machines in the future.

Features of cryolipolysis systems

Only those who learn how to use the machine properly should be allowed to operate it. The cryolipolysis machine works well for those patients who have excess fat deposits located on their buttocks, waist, thighs, and other common areas. While the machine can be a great addition to a cosmetic clinic, not all patients will benefit from the machine. Those who are obese, for example, will not find that it is a cure for their weight issues.

How cryolipolysis systems work

The cryolipolysis machine utilizes a vacuum probe as a means to pull fat and cellulite to the treatment handle. At that point, the flesh is exposed to low temperatures, which then freezes the fat, which causes the cells to become damaged. These destroyed fat cells are then cleared from the body through the body’s natural processes over the period of a couple of weeks. The temperatures are low enough to destroy the fat cells, but they are not so dangerous that they run the risk of damaging tissue.

About cryolipolysis systems

Many cosmetic and medi spas are finding new and interesting ways to provide their patients with interesting and effective treatments. Cryolipolysis is one of the methods that is currently very popular. This is a type of fat loss treatment that essentially “freezes” away fat. The cryolipolysis machine provides the means by which this process is possible, and it could be a good addition to any medi spa or cosmetic doctor’s office and clinic.

Cryolipolysis System Manufacturers

Those who have been looking for a new offering for their clinic might want to consider renting one of these cryolipolysis machines. Some of the companies who manufacture these machines include Zeltiq and The Spa Elf.

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