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Brite Tanks

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Brite Tank Description

Brite tanks, also known as secondary fermentation tanks, are vessels in which beer is stored after it’s completed the initial fermentation and filtration. Brite tanks allow beer to further clarify, carbonate, chill, and mature, eventually becoming the refreshing beverage so many of us enjoy.
The quality and character of any craft beer greatly depend on the use of a reliable brite tank. These tightly sealed tanks protect beer from outside contaminants that can ruin the flavor, odor, and color of beer.
Brite tanks also serve the purpose of storing beer for bottling, canning, and kegging. These tanks can even be used as the actual serving vessel itself, giving beer enthusiasts the freshest beer possible—straight from the source.

Features of brite tanks

Some brite tanks are more complex than others, but most come with a number of common features. This includes carbonation stones, chilling coils, pressure valves and gauges, temperature gauges, sampling ports, TC connectors,  and, of course, the cylindrical brewing vessel itself.

How brite tanks work

When beer completes its first fermentation and filtration, it is called brite beer—hense the name of the tank.  When this beer is put into a brite tank, it is chilled to optimal temperate (near freezing). CO2 pressure is then added to the beer using a carbonation stone. The psi of the tank is monitored, and once it reaches an ideal volume of CO2, the beer is ready to be bottled, canned, kegged, or served straight from the tank. Cheers!

Brite Tank Manufacturers

Bru Gear
TD Tanks
La Breck
Apex Brewing Company

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