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  On average, web streaming encoders rent 11.0 days for:


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  • $249

  • $900



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  • $795

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Features of web streaming encoders

web streaming encoder rentalA number of different types of encoders are available, and they have a number of different features, which you need to consider. First, make sure that you check to see what type of encoding formats it offers. They often have a number of different connections as well, including HDMI, component, composite, Firewire, analog, digital, and S-Video. However, different models will have their own features.

How web streaming encoders work

During a live event that needs to be streamed, your audio and video equipment will pick up the images and audio and send them to the web streaming encoder attached to them. At this point, the encoding station will actually convert the broadcast into a streaming format. If you do not encode it into a different format and compress it, it would be too massive to send through the web. The end user would never be able to get live access of the event, even if they had a very fast connection to the web.

About web streaming encoders

A web streaming encoder works in tandem with a video capture converter and an audiovisual signal, and a connection with the web. The device is used for streaming live events in real time. One of the benefits of this type of device is the ability for it to record in high quality, while still being able to compress the signal enough to ensure that it is in an efficient streaming format. This makes delivery through the web possible and efficient to ensure a high quality streaming experience for the end user. Today, there are a number of applications for this type of device.

Web Streaming Encoder Applications

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Classrooms
  • Sporting Events
  • Theatre and film
  • Live broadcasts
  • Live sports
  • Concerts

Web Streaming Encoder Manufacturers

  • MagicSoft
  • Marshall
  • Teradek
  • Roland

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