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Video Wall Description

When you are renting a video wall, you need to be very careful about the size. You will want to make sure that the wall you choose is going to fit into the allotted space that you have. If you have just a small booth at a convention, a video wall might not be the right choice for you. However, if you have a large space, and you will be taking over a stage, having a massive wall of screens behind you could be a good choice.

Features of video walls

screen wall rentalThe video walls generally come with a controller for easy operation, as well as management software, to make it easy for the user to create a seamless display.

How video walls work

No matter the type of indoor event you might be hosting, a video wall could make a big difference. These massive displays are going to garner quite a bit of attention, and you will find that you can use them for a host of different things. If you are at a trade show and you want to show off one of your latest and greatest products, then putting it up on a veritable wall for everyone to see is a great way to do it. In addition, you could use it for a digital sign, or even in the lobby of your building to greet people to the company. There is no shortage of ways that you can implement this for your business. It works very simply – just think of a massive television. A video wall is created by using a number of rear projection display cubes and placing them next to one another in order to create a larger overall shape. They are all playing video from a single source, and each of the displays will only show a portion of that image, so that they project one entire image as a whole.

About video walls

If you want to make your indoor event even more special and more memorable, then you will want to consider adding a video wall. These video walls are a great way to really grab the attention of anyone at the convention or conference, and you will find that they are a great solution for a number of different types of events.

Video Wall Applications

  • Corporate events
  • Meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Conventions
  • Conferences
  • Displays
  • Lobbies
  • Broadcasts
  • Digital signs
  • Theater presentations

Video Wall Manufacturers

  • Samsung
  • NEC

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