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Stick Microphones

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Stick Microphones

  On average, stick microphones rent 12.5 days for:


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  • $300

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Features of stick microphones

You will find that most of the stick microphones look remarkably similar. That's because the design doesn't need to have too much variation - it simply works as it is. Many of them look similar to the Shure SM-58. They have a handle that has a steel mesh ball that covers the pickup area of the microphone. These are the "typical" microphones that most people imagine when they hear the word. One of the areas where the microphones may differ is in size and color. It's possible to find the traditional black microphone, but silver and gold plated models are available as well. Some may have a softer grip rather than merely steel, as this can cut down on unwanted sound, not to mention it makes the microphone more comfortable to grip.

How stick microphones work

A stick microphone works similarly to all other types of microphones. They have a diaphragm that will pick up the sound when you speak into the microphone. An XLR connection will hook up to an audio system, such as a mixer and an amplifier. They pick up sound waves from your voice and then allow them to be amplified.

About stick microphones

Stick microphones have a number of different uses today, including voiceover work and recording news interviews on camera. Many red carpet interviews utilize these types of microphones, for example. They are a relatively simple device, and they tend to be the "workhorse" of the microphone field. Many of them sound quite good, but they may not always capture record quality audio - where studio and condenser mics excel.

Stick Microphone Applications

It is possible to use stick microphones for a wide range of different applications today. They can be helpful for the following:
  • Recording news-style interviews
  • Recording foley sounds
  • On stage
  • Live vocals
  • Voiceover

Stick Microphone Manufacturers

  • Rode
  • Sennheiser
  • DPA
  • Shure
  • Applied Microphone Technology
  • Audio-Technica

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