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Production Equipment Description

It is highly important to remember that the system requirements of production equipment, such as the multi-viewers, will vary. Be sure to check and see that the equipment you rent or lease will work with the other equipment you might already have in place. Additionally, make sure that it is the right piece of production equipment for the job at hand. Many times, you will find that you need to rent or lease more than just one piece in order to put together a full project.

Features of production equipments

Because of the wide range of equipment available in this category, you will find that each of the specialized pieces has their own set of functions and features. Some of the equipment will only work well in an indoors environment, while some are more rugged and suited for outdoor shoots. Since there are so many options, it is important to make sure you learn about the different features specific to each different piece of equipment that you may need to rent, just to make sure that it is the right solution for your needs.

How production equipments work

All of the different types of production equipment have a single goal – to make the production of any project, whether it is a live event or recorded, as perfect as possible. The multi-viewer, for example, can show all of the different camera angles of an event, and then make it easier to choose which of these angles to focus on. This is especially helpful for concerts and for other live broadcasts. Mixers are essential for tweaking the audio to give it the best sound possible, and the slates with time-codes can help to ensure that everything matches up nicely during the editing stage.

About production equipments

Production equipment covers both the audio and the visual aspect of production. There are many different types of equipment that fall into this category, and you will be able to rent or lease all of them. Some of the different types of devices available include mixers, multi-viewers, recorders, slates with time-code, and more. All of these can help to improve the production quality of audio/video projects of all types.

Production Equipment Applications

  • Presentations
  • Films
  • Television programs
  • Church Services
  • Live Theater/Concerts
  • Business
  • School

Production Equipment Manufacturers

  • Avitech
  • Denecke
  • Marshall
  • Panasonic
  • AJA
  • Sony

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