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Lighting Description

When you need to rent or lease lighting for your affair, take some time to think about the actual type of event you are hosting and then make your lighting choices. The type of lighting that someone might rent or lease for a prom would be vastly different from a company product launch, for example. Another thing that you need to consider is the amount of space that you have, and the layout of that space. This ensures that you will have just enough lighting without going overboard, or without causing some of the areas to not have enough light. When submitting your rental or lease request, be specific about your event, space, and any other details so the KWIPPED supplier network can provide you with the best quotes possible.

Features of lightings

event lighting rentalLighting is available in many different types and can offer a variety of features. These include ceiling lighting and floor lighting, colored bulbs, strobe patters, and more. They are programmable in many cases, and will offer a remote control to help get the perfect look and feel for the event. Some lighting is wireless as well, which can alleviate the trouble of having too many cords around the venue. It is important to remember that the features will often depend on the type of lighting you choose.

How lightings work

event lighting rentalLighting needs to be situated in areas around the venue to accomplish several things. Lighting needs to help people navigate without the danger of tripping and falling. However, it needs to do much more than that. Proper lighting will help to evoke a certain mood and tone for the event. Flashing lights and strobes are great for dances, while soft and muted tones might favor a company holiday party better. It truly depends on the type of event.

About lightings

What is it that makes your event great? A big part of it is the venue, but without the proper lighting, you will find that even a great site is lacking. However, it is possible to rent or lease a wide variety of different types of lighting to make any event, no matter how large or small, spectacular. Since there are so many possible types of events, there is a near limitless amount of options when it comes to lighting availability.

Lighting Applications

  • Company parties
  • Dances
  • Product launches
  • Banquets
  • Weddings

Lighting Manufacturers

  • Chauvet
  • Vari*Lite
  • SolaSpot
  • ETC
  • Altman

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