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Document Camera Description

When you are renting a document camera, it is important to consider the different styles available before making a decision. Choose the one that makes the most sense for your particular application needs. KWIPPED suppliers will more than likely offer desktop as well as ceiling mounted cameras. Since this is a camera specifically for documents (and a camera alone), you will also need to have a projector in order to use it properly. Be sure that you have a screen or monitor that is large enough for the application before you rent or lease the document camera, or rent or lease both of them together. When renting, it may be a good idea to consider the operability of the different models by checking some reviews, and looking at the list of features specific for each model of document camera.

Features of document cameras

document camera rentalDocument cameras offer a number of different features, and they can vary substantially based on the model chosen. Most of the models available today will come with a remote control to make operation simple. In addition to being able to connect to projector screens, it is also possible to utilize LED and LCD monitors with them.

How document cameras work

document camera rentalThe document camera is able to magnify and project images placed beneath the camera onto a screen that the audience will be able to see. The presenter can place nearly any type of object below the camera, and it will show up on the screen. The camera takes the picture of the object, which then turns it into a live picture. The document camera is the replacement of the older model overhead projectors. Thanks to the quality of the cameras in these devices, they are able to present excellent images. In some instances, they will connect to an interactive whiteboard rather than an actual screen.

About document cameras

Document cameras, sometimes called digital overhears or visual presenters are very useful for those who need to project images and objects, including transparencies, in real time. This allows the presenter to be able to provide visuals necessary for large audiences. They are able to provide still images in high quality, and some of the models are able to provide moving images.

Document Camera Applications

  • Lecture Hall
  • Classroom
  • Conference
  • Meeting
  • Training
  • Courtrooms
  • Medical Applications

Document Camera Manufacturers

  • Elmo
  • Dell
  • Vivitek
  • 3M
  • Samsung

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