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Crutch rentals

Considerations when renting a crutch

Even though the crutches might be adjustable, you still need to make sure you are choosing an option that will work for the body of the person who is using them. Someone who is petite will need to have a different set of crutches than someone who is tall and heavy, for example.

Features of crutches

Most crutches are very similar in their basic design. However, you will notice some differences, as some may be wooden while others are metal. They may have slightly different designs as well. They all tend to have adjustable pieces, as well as comfortable hand grips and pads.

How crutches work

At their core, crutches are very simple. They act as extra support when you are unable to place your full weight on your legs. They are adjustable for people of different heights, as well. When using crutches, it is important to remember a few basics. You should let your hands carry the weight and not the armpits - it can be uncomfortable, as well as more difficult to maneuver. Bend the arms a bit at the elbow to make holding the handles and carrying your weight easier. Practice in a safe environment to get better at walking on crutches, and try to look forward rather than looking down at your feet.

About crutches

No one likes the idea of being injured and subsequently having to spend time on crutches. However, the world can be a dangerous place, and getting into an accident, falling, or having surgery could mean that crutches are in your future, at least for a short time. Renting crutches can be a good option, as it's generally going to be more economical than buying. Crutches can help make it much easier to get around and to complete some of the normal errands you have, such as navigating the house, shopping in stores, and even getting to work. Others may need to have specialized crutches that they can use for longer periods.

Crutch Applications

People may need to use crutches to help them get around for a number of different reasons including:
  • Healing after an accident
  • After surgery

Crutch Manufacturers

Quite a few different companies are making crutches today. The following are some of the well known manufacturers:
  • Thuasne
  • Besco
  • Better Medical
  • Fazzini
  • K Care
  • Drive
  • Size Wise
  • Merits
  • Roma Medical
  • Smart Solutions
  • United Ortho

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