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Considerations when renting or leasing a infusion pump

When you are renting an infusion pump, you need to make sure that you are working with the right type of pump for your patient’s needs. Take the time to determine which of the delivery methods will be the best for the patient, and then consider the various brands that are available, not to mention the options and features that are available for each of the models. To ensure the best possible quotes, be as specific as possible when submitting your rental or lease request from the KWIPPED marketplace. Read our KWIPPED Tip article on how to rent or lease infusion pumps by clicking here.

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B BRAUN Infusomat Space Pump

Designed for acute care adult and pediatric facilities, the compact 9" x 6" Infusomat® Space large volume pump weighs just 3 pounds. The lightweight large volume pump allows for fle ...
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B. Braun Vista Basic Large Volume Infusion Pump

ogramming, to special mode use and alarm correction. Based on a design that has sold over 100,000 units worldwide, the Vista® basic provides high reliability packaged in one of the easiest pu ...
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Hospira Plum A+ Infusion Pump

Specification: Pump LinePlum™ A+ Pump TypeGeneral Infusion DimensionsApprox. 8" h x 8" w x 6" d (excluding pole clamp protrusion and power cord storage) WeightApprox. 9.5 lb ...
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Baxter Flo-Gard 6200 Infusion Pump

Baxter 6200 infusion pumps are capable of delivering a wide variety of fluids, including blood, over a broad range of infusion rates. The 6200s are easy to load, spill resistant pumping mechanisms wit ...
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Hospira Lifecare 5000 Infusion Pump

The Abbott Lifecare 5000 Plum Infusion System is a multilane, general purpose, volumetric infusion system designed to meet the need for hospital-wide device standardization. By means of internal switc ...
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Alaris 8100 LVP Infusion Pump Module

Specifications Dimensions: 3.3″W x 8.9″H x 5.5″D/p> Weight: 2.5 lbs. Operating Principle: Positive Displacement Flow Rate Range: 0.1-99.9 ml/hr in 0.1 ml i ...
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Hospira Plum XL Triple Channel Infusion System

This Device Has A Wide Range Of Capabilities From Home Care Applications To Critical Care. The Pump Runs From 1mL/Hr Up To 999mL/Hr, And Runs A 1mL/Hr KVO At Dose End. The Abbott Plum XL IV ...
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Alaris 8015 PCU Infusion Pump

The Alaris PC unit, model 8015 is part of the Alaris electronic infusion pump. Electronic infusion pumps deliver controlled amounts of medications or other fluids to patients through intravenous (IV), ...
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Baxter Sabratek 3030 Infusion Pump

SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 5.5"W x 6.25"D x 8"H Accepts: standard Abbott, Baxter, McGaw and Sabratek tubing sets Flow rate: 1-999 mL/HR Power: 110 AC Battery: 12V Rechargabl ...
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Hospira Plum XL Infusion Pump

The Plum¨ XL Micro/Macro is a dual-line volumetric infusion system designed to meet the growing demand for hospital-wide, as well as alternate site and home healthcare, standardization. With its p ...
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Hospira Plum A+ Triple Channel Infusion Pump

Specifcations:  8" H x 8" W x 6" D, excluding pole clamp  9.5 lbs. with battery  High-impact plastic casing  120V, 50-60 Hz, 35VA  F1, F2, 250V, 0.5A fuses ...
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Baxter Flo-Gard 6300 Infusion Pump

SPECIFICATIONS Battery: 12 Volt, 3.2 Ah sealed lead acid Battery Life: Approx. 6 hrs with one pump running at a rate from 1 to 1400 mL/hr | Approx. 4 hrs with both pumps running at rates from 1 ...
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Features of infusion pumps

With all of the different types of pumps, there are many different features available on each of the different types. They will all have some type of mechanism to push liquids to the patient, whether it is through a syringe or a balloon. Many of the features of the smart pumps focus on safety. They provide alarms and alerts for the user if there is a risk of an adverse drug interaction, for example. In addition, users can set their own parameters with these safety pumps. In the event that something happens to go beyond those preset restrictions, an alarm will alert you to the problem.

How infusion pumps work

infusion pump rentalThere are a number of different types of infusion pumps and they work in slightly different ways. The syringe pump is piston-controlled, and delivers the liquids through a syringe. A peristaltic pump utilizes rollers to press the liquid through flexible tubing. In an elastomeric pump, the fluid is in a reservoir that is similar to a stretchable balloon. The pressure from the walls of the balloon is the mechanism that delivers the fluids in this case. Multi-channel pumps are able to deliver more than one type of fluid at the same time, albeit at different rates for each of the fluids based on the patient’s needs. Even smart pumps are available, which offers a number of safety features.

About infusion pumps

infusion pump rental

An infusion pump is a type of a medical device whose main purpose is to deliver various types of fluids into a patient’s body. These fluids can be anything from medication to nutrients and even drugs used for chemotherapy. These types of pumps are common in hospitals and nursing homes, as well as home settings.

Infusion Pump Applications

  • Deliver medications
  • Deliver pain relievers
  • Deliver nutrients
  • Deliver hormones
  • Deliver insulin
  • Deliver chemotherapy drugs
  • Deliver other fluids

Infusion Pump Manufacturers

  • Heska
  • Alaris
  • Mindray
  • Nipro
  • Stryker
  • CareFusion
  • Smith Medical
  • Zoll Brand
  • Meditech
  • Braun
  • Baxter
  • Covidien

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