We capture and send you customers who have short-term needs or would like to spread equipment costs over time and we make renting and leasing equipment SIMPLE. Our proprietary technology matches your equipment to real-time demand, qualifies the renters, offers the first layer of customer service and takes the hassle out of rental and leasing transactions.

Renting on KWIPPED

Are you a rental company, have a rental department or simply have equipment available for rent?
  • Receive rental opportunities for your specific equipment and send quotes using our proprietary rental quoting platform.
  • Collaborate with renters to understand their needs and influence their equipment decisions.
  • Don't worry about the contracts, billing, customer qualification, customer service, or technology... KWIPPED has you covered!

Leasing on KWIPPED

Do you want to increase your product sales and take advantage of an un-tapped channel?
  • Sell your equipment into KWIPPED leases and get paid up-front and in full.
  • Customers apply for leases directly from your quote and are matched to the exact leasing partner in our diversified network of financial lenders.
  • Don't worry about the application, underwriting, invoicing or risk... KWIPPED has you covered!

Becoming a KWIPPED supplier is free

KWIPPED serves over 500 categories of specialized equipment spanning 16 industries and is growing every day. There are no up-front costs to become a KWIPPED supplier.

“We had all this idle inventory just sitting around – now, thanks to KWIPPED, it’s out in the market making us money and attracting new customers for us.”

Jessie Nicholson, Sales Account Manager
Scientific Calibration, Inc.
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  Get discovered

We'll market your business and equipment using the KWIPPED website, email database and social media presence.

  Connect with customers

KWIPPED proprietary technology delivers hard-to-find rental and leasing demand for your most specialized equipment right to your inbox.

  Grow your business

As a member of the KWIPPED Supplier Network, you will optimize rental profitability, tap into leasing opportunities, reduce your overhead and grow your business!

“They’ve designed an impressive, high quality website that’s very easy to use and is already bringing additional awareness to our rental program.”

Gary Darnell, President
KenQuest Medical
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