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Considerations when renting a ventilator
If you plan to rent a ventilator, make sure that you check out the exact features it offers, so you can choose a system that is best for your patients. If you need a machine that you can use for anesthesia in surgery, for example, make sure yourmachine offers those features. A KWIPPED supplier will be able to answer questions about specific ventilator makers.
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BioMed Devices Crossvent 2i+

Patient Range:  Pediatric, Neonatal Condition:  100% Patient Ready, Technically certified to OEM standards by a certified biomedical engineer, to include PM performed in accourdance with ...
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Resmed Astral 150 Portable Ventilator

Astral has a small, sleek, sturdy design, and can give you the same high standard of ventilation at home that you would receive in a hospital. Lightweight. Weighing just 3.2 kg, Astral makes ...
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Vapotherm Precision Flow Unit

The Vapotherm Precision Flow provides support for patients in respiratory distress. The Precision Flow can be used on patients of all ages, from neonates to geriatric. Ideally conditioned gas lowers r ...
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Puritan Bennett 7200 Ventilator

An advanced pneumatic system combined with microprocessor technology results in a ventilator that provides excellent gas delivery and patient monitoring capability. Product Features: State-of-the ...
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Servo I universal

Servo Universal with a compressor  ...
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Patient Range:  Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal ( Neonatal Mode only 2 in stock)  Condition:  100% Patient Ready, Technically certified to OEM standards by a certified biomedical engineer ...
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LTV 1200 Ventilator

This lightweight ventilator is well suited for transport and portable applications. Controlled by a microprocessor, the pistondriven PLV-102 delivers volume ventilation in a range of settings. With fe ...
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Esprit Ventilator

This microprocessor driven unit is easily upgradeable and offers a range of modes and breath types including volume control, pressure control, and fully integrated noninvasive ventilation. Because it ...
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Bear Cub 750 VS Infant Ventilator

Bear Cub® 750 Infant Ventilator is designed to accommodate a range of patients from the small neonate to the 30kg pediatric patient. The 750 incorporates Integrated Synchronized Ventilation, Tidal ...
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Hill Rom Vest 103 Airway Clearance Device

The Vest™ system consists of an inflatable vest connected by tubes to an air-pulse generator. The generator rapidly inflates and deflates the vest, compressing and releasing the c ...
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Siemens Servo 300 Ventilator

Patient Range:  Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal Condition:  100% Patient Ready, Technically certified to OEM standards by a certified biomedical engineer, to include PM performed in accourdance ...
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CareFusion LTV 1200 Portable Ventilator

The LTV® 1200 Series ventilator supports adult and pediatric patients weighing at least 5 kg (11 lb) in patient transport, ER and emergency response with invasive or noninvasiv ...
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Features of ventilators

A computerized ventilator will have a display panel, as well as an input panel where you can make changes to the setup and operation. Some of the ventilators may have special features geared toward its specialty, such as anesthesia. In addition, there is the mask and hose that will connect to the patient. These devices are sometimes mobile, and will have casters on their bottom to make wheeling it around the hospital or clinic that much easier. The emergency ventilator is typically just a bag, hose, and mask.

How ventilators work

ventilator rentalThe way the device works depends on the nature of the device. In emergencies, there are hand operated ventilators that you can use. These consist of a bag that you would place over the mouth and nose of the patient, along with a bag that you would hand pump to get air into and out of the lungs. These are for emergencies only, and they only offer a short-term solution. An actual computerized ventilator can offer long-term care for the patient. You will be able to indicate the correct parameters for use with the ventilator based on the specific patient. You can change the volume and flow frequency, and the air pressure.

About ventilators

A ventilator is a type of machine meant to pump air into and out of the lungs of a patient who is unable to breathe properly on his or her own. Another term commonly used with these types of items is respirator, even though there are differences between the two. A respirator is a mask that filters particles of inhaled air, while a ventilator is a machine that assists with, or performs, the breathing function for patients. It’s easy to see there is a big difference, and you need to remember this difference when you are looking up ventilators to rent, as you don’t want to waste your time wading through respirators

Ventilator Applications

  • Intensive Care Medicine
  • Home Care
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Anesthesia
  • Lung Disease
  • Respiratory Procedures

Ventilator Manufacturers

  • Heyer
  • DeVilbiss
  • Mindray
  • Spacelabs Healthcare
  • General Electric

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