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Infant Warmer rentals

Considerations when renting or leasing a infant warmer
Those who need to rent or lease infant warmers should make sure that they have a unit that is the right style for their needs. Check to see that the size makes sense for the room where you will be keeping the warmer, and make sure that the display and controls are easy to understand and to use, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, or those of a healthcare professional, when you are using the unit. Ask a KWIPPED spplier about questions you may have regarding a specific infant warmer unit.
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Datex Ohmeda Panda 3400

The Panda Warmer makes your job easier by helping keep healthy babies healthy. Panda Warmers are designed to: Direct the heat to the infant, and not the caregiver Stop worrying about a clumsy overhe ...
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Air-Shields Isolette C2000

Caring for low birth weight neonates requires creating the best possible thermal-neutral environment. The Isolette C2000 Infant Incubator helps to promote and foster neonatal care by delivering a heat ...
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Features of infant warmers

The infant warmer features an enclosure that has four sides and an open top for easy access to the infant. In addition, it has radiant heating located above this enclosure to warm the infant, as well as controls to set the right temperature. Many of the units are on wheels to make them mobile, but this is not the case with all infant warmers available. Since there are a number of different models available right now, the features of each one will vary slightly. However, they will all make use of infrared heat.

How infant warmers work

infant warmer rentalThe World Health Organization defines an infant’s normal temperature between 36.5 and 37.5 degrees Celsius. Those babies who have a temperature that drops below this are going through hypothermia, and need to be kept warm. Babies need to have warm temperatures when first born, or else there is a risk of neonatal hypothermia. Those babies born prematurely are at an even greater risk since they do not have the body fat needed to regulate their own body temperature. The warmer, which makes use of infrared radiant heating, ensures that the baby’s body is at a warm and constant temperature.

About infant warmers

An infant warmer is similar to an incubator, although it does not provide the same level of protection for the baby, as it is open rather than closed. The infant warmer makes it faster and easier to access the baby while still providing a constant warm temperature that newborns need. You will often find these in delivery rooms. However, they are also in use at intensive therapy centers.

Infant Warmer Applications

  • Neonatal
  • Premature infants
  • Delivery Rooms
  • Therapy
  • Hypothermia

Infant Warmer Manufacturers

  • Heinen + Lowenstein
  • Natus
  • David
  • Phoenix
  • Weyer
  • V-Care
  • Ginevri

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