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Crash Cushions

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Features of crash cushions

crash cushionOne of the things that you will notice about all of the different types of crash cushions out there is that they have high visibility. This is so that drivers will notice them. With most of the systems, you will find that the colors used are yellow and black. This is because these tend to be the universal colors to denote potential danger and hazards on the roads. Many of the systems available today try to minimize the amount of debris that occurs after the impact.

How crash cushions work

The crash cushions will attach to a permanent structure, or to a mobile structure, such as a vehicle. They will act as padding in the event of an accident, and many of the systems available can even help to direct the vehicle away from the workers who are on the road working. Many different types and styles of crash cushions are available today, and they can help with many different types of construction projects. Even small projects where the only danger comes from other employees and construction vehicles could benefit from the use of crash cushions.

About crash cushions

Crash cushions, which sometimes go by the name impact attenuators, are helpful when it comes to reducing damage to structures, people, and vehicles. They are very common in those areas that are undergoing any type of construction. The devices will actually act like cushioning to help reduce the impact of an automobile crash.

Crash Cushion Applications

  • Highway
  • Roadwork
  • Traffic control
  • CrashGard

Crash Cushion Manufacturers

  • Lindsay Corporation
  • Energy Absorption Systems
  • Trinity Highway Products

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