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Arrowboard Description

Renting an arrowboard is a cost effective option. Chances are you don’t use these items every day. If you have a one time or a short-term project, a rental or lease makes quite a bit of sense. Of course, when you are renting the board, you need to make sure that you are getting just what you need. There are different sizes and types available, naturally. Some use traditional battery power and others use solar power. You need to choose a sign that’s going to be large enough for people to see. Consider what you need your board for and then choose the best option. Are you managing a large event at a stadium? These arrowboards can help to direct traffic to the right areas, for example.

Features of arrowboards

arrowboard rental or lease While the arrowboards vary by make and model, you will find that they have quite a few similarities. Most will have a lockable control and battery box that can still offer quick access to the user. They have arrow boards with different numbers of lamps available. The sign is very easy to set up, and you will find that the controls are generally easy to use. Since these boards are designed for outdoor use, you will find that they are rugged and durable. They should not have any trouble standing up to nearly any type of inclement weather.

How arrowboards work

The arrowboard works very simply. It features a number of light bulbs on a heavy-duty board and frame. The bulbs light up to form arrows, which will be able to indicate directions for those who see them. The control system is very easy to use, and once they are up and running, you don’t really need to do much to them.

About arrowboards

Will your company be doing some construction work or perhaps paving a parking lot? If so, then you might find that you need to have some arrowboards so that you can more easily direct traffic around the site. They are a huge benefit, and you will find that they are also quite easy to rent. These types of signs are extremely beneficial for a number of different needs. They are common when an area is undergoing construction or roadwork, and they can help guide vehicles during an event.

Arrowboard Applications

  • Construction
  • Emergencies
  • Roadwork
  • Traffic control
  • Events

Arrowboard Manufacturers

  • Wanco
  • Solar Technology
  • Ver-Mac
  • Addco

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