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Ziehm Vision R C-Arm

Ziehm Vision R C-Arm
Product Specifications
BRAND  Ziehm
MODEL  Vision R
The Ziehm Vision R c-arm offers an excellent image quality at a minimum dose and from the unparalleled ease of operation and flexibility. The monoblock generator provides a crystal-clear image for endovascular or cardiac procedures or involving obese patients. It uses iodinated contrast as well as the contrast medium imaging with CO2 and the advantage of CO2 is that it doesn't cause any allergic reaction and it is well-tolerated by the patients.
  • Features include optimal generator temperature, up to three synchronized and intuitive touchscreen user interfaces with SmartEye technology, comprehensive dose concept, automatic optimization of dose or image quality and reduce exposure in pediatric surgery. All the imaging functionalities can be controlled by a wireless footswitch. Offers pre-configured anatomical programs that optimize the c-arm's settings such as generator power, filters, unique liquid cooling system, and noise reduction. It has easy integration over WLAN and workflow orientated software. The remote vision center is a rotating and tilting touchscreen control panel that can be conveniently mounted on both sides of the OR table or a separate mobile cart. It is consists of a virtual collimator for the exposure free positioning of the collimators.
  • Suitable for orthopedics, trauma, spine, vascular surgery, angioplasty, electrophysiology, cardiac surgery, and coronary imaging applications. It has assured image intensifier technology to meet the wide range of clinical needs.
  • Specifications include 9 or 12 in. image intensifier, 1K x 1K camera resolution, 20 kW pulsed monoblock generator and 135 degrees of orbital movement.
  • 9" or 12" Image Intensifier 
  • Integrated laser aimer
  • Imaging technology:  Image intensifier, Ø 23 cm / 31 cm
  • Resolution: 1 k x 1 k
  • Power generator: 2.02 kW, pulsed monoblock generator
  • Orbital Movement: 135 degrees

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