Zeiss NC-4 Ceiling Mounted Microscope

Zeiss NC-4 Ceiling Mounted Microscope
Product Specifications
BRAND  Zeiss
The OPMI Neuro/NC4 System impressively continues our tradition of techno- logical leadership in the field of microsurgery.   
Every facet of the NC 4's predecessor systems was studied relentlessly by Carl Zeiss engineers and product developers. After improving upon essential components such as optics and ease of movement, ingenious "firsts" such as the integrated Heads-Up display and AutoFocus were added to ensure optimum support for new techniques such as image guided microsurgery.   

Precision optics and ergonomics – together ensuring ease of use   
An optical system that delivers incredible, breathtaking images and brilliant illumination is only a portion of what constitutes an outstanding microscope system. In order to be absorbed naturally into the surgical arena, the microscope needs a "silent partner" committed to comple- menting the surgeon's every move as transparently, ergonomically and efficiently as possible.   
The power is in your hands   
The OPMI Neuro/NC 4 System's controls were designed with the user in mind. The handgrips, for example, provide access to every key microscope function thus ensuring an assistant is not required while the surgeon is autofocusing, taking photo- graphs or using other documentation features.   
A microscope to match your versatility   
The OPMI Neuro was designed to accommodate virtually any neurosurgical setup and has undergone rigorous testing to be certain.

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