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Wildco Standard Ponar Dredge

Wildco Standard Ponar Dredge
Ideal for severe environmental conditions including saltwater, the Wildco Standard Stainless Steel Ponar Grab performs well when taking samples of hard bottoms such as sand, gravel, consolidated marl or clay. Heavy-duty hinges and hinge pin absorb the impact of thousands of bottom impacts when sampling. Self-closing scoops have center pivot closing action. When the scoops contact the bottom, they obtain good penetration with very little sample disturbance. An underlip, attached to the scoops, wipes clean most pebbles and small cobble that would prevent the scoops from closing completely. Removable side plates prevent the lateral loss of sample when scoops are closing.

The Ponar Grab with Steel Plated Arms is a self-closing sampler using a patented spring-loaded Pinch-Pin™ system that releases when the sampler impacts the bottom and the lowering cable or line becomes slack. A Safety-Pin replaces the Pinch-Pin when sampling to prevent unexpected closing of the scoops and protects the operator from injury by sudden closing of the scoops. Made with 316 stainless steel and an 18-8 stainless steel screen with steel-plated arms. Sample volume is 8200mL. Measures 9"W x 9"L and weighs 45 lb.

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