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Welch Self-Cleaning Dry Vacuum System Model 202501

Welch Self-Cleaning Dry Vacuum System Model 202501
Product Specifications
BRAND  Welch Allyn
MODEL  202501
  • Oil free dry vacuum system
  • Self cleaning purge maintains efficiency and extends diaphragm life
  • Free air displacement: 35 L/min (1.2 CFM)
  • Fast response to bumping/foaming
  • Includes analog gauge and vacuum regulation
  • Inlet and exhaust separators protect pump and lab atmosphere
  • Controlled vacuum for rotary evaporators, cenrifugal conecentrators, and other exaporative processes
  • Ultimate pressure: 28 L/min
  • Max pressure PSIG (pascal): 29.5
  • Adjustable Vac./Gas Ballast: 1/5
  • Tubing needed
  • Intake thread NPT: 1/4
  • ISO Exhaust/Intake Flange: 3/8
  • Overall dimensions LxWxH (in.): 13.6 x 12 x 11.3
  • Intake and Exhaust Catch Jar
  • 115V/60Hz/1.5A
  • Model number: 202501

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