VersaCool Refrigerated Circulating Bath 120V

VersaCool Refrigerated Circulating Bath 120V
Product Specifications
BRAND  Thermo Fisher Scientific
MODEL  VersaCool
Quick Overview
More space to fit samples
Removal of the control head and coil creates a larger, safer and easier to clean working area 
Increase the number of samples and maximize results 
Obtain a larger work area while maintaining a compact footprint on your workbench
Global voltage capabilities 
Automatically detects appropriate voltage 
One part number that works on all voltages worldwide
Remote operation at your fingertips
Utilize the communication and control features to ensure your samples are properly maintained 
Pair to any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet for remote operation and monitoring 
Obtain operational control from remote location with our NesCom software or with Thermo Scientific™ Smart-Vue™ wireless monitoring solution
Lower power consumption and energy costs
Continually operates in an energy efficient mode 
Variable speed control in pumps, fans and compressors 
Use only the energy you need for your application
Tool-less, drip-less rack and lid
Tool-less rack accommodates a wide range of beaker and test tube sizes 
Left-handed hinge, right-handed hinge, or unhinged lid 
Dripless lid and optional gable cover reduce moisture and directs condensate back into bath.
Intuitive, 5.7 in. touchscreen color display for easier, more efficient setup
Glove/Stylus friendly touchscreen interface 
Bright display to view critical readings 
Simple navigation and operation

Additional Information:
  • Manufacturer:    Thermo
  • Voltage:    120V
  • Control Type:    Touch screen
  • Cooling Capacity:    425w
  • Flow Rate:    14.6L/min (3.86 gal./min)
  • Heating Capacity:    1.2kW at 115V
  • Max. Pressure:    1200mbar / 17.4 psi

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