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VacuuBrand ME 4 Oil-Free Vacuum Pump

VacuuBrand ME 4 Oil-Free Vacuum Pump
Product Specifications
The Vacuubrand ME4 one-stage diaphragm pump is an excellent choice for continuous, oil-free evacuation and pumping of gases at low vacuum requirements. In contrast to water jet pumps they do not consume water and therefore do not produce any contaminated waste water. Typical applications are vacuum ovens, aqueous filtrations and pumping and evacuation of non-aggressive gases in general. The ME 4 offers short evacuation times and higher gas throughput. The highly flexible fabric-reinforced double diaphragm made of FPM is ideal for extended operating life. All parts in contact with pumped media are made of aluminum and selected plastics, allowing a wide range of applications for non-corrosive gasses.
Features include:
1. Oil free pumping of gases and vapors.
2. Reduced maintenance - up to 10,000-15,000 hours of use before service.
3. Improved Productivity - high flow rates at working vacuum.
4. Reliable Use - All VACUUBRAND pumps pass rigorous product testing.
5. Very low noise level 6. High flow rates
7. Compact design
8. Suitable for standard vacuum applications.

1. Flow rate: 2.4 cfm
2. Ultimate vacuum: 52 torr (70 mbar)
3. 110 Volts

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