Thermo Scientific MaxQ HP Incubated and Refrigerated Console Shaker

Thermo Scientific MaxQ HP Incubated and Refrigerated Console Shaker
Product Specifications
BRAND  Thermo Fisher Scientific
Features Performs over an industry-leading temperature range, ensuring flexibility for a broad range of applications Platform easily accommodates six 2L flasks or four 2800mL Fernbach flasks Spill tray, sealed mechanism and control panel, and outside-chamber location of electronics ensure that shaker components are not damaged by spills Audible/visual over- and undertemperature tracking alarms ensure product protection Separate adjustable overtemperature safety alarm with independent probe provides additional backup Audible/visual, high/low rpm tracking alarms alert to speed deviations Easily Programmable Microprocessor functions are calibrated easily via keypad Run setpoints for temperature, speed and time: can be viewed simultaneously on 20-character backlit display to minimize errors when inputting paramenters Alphanumeric status messages show cycle status

Manufacturer: Thermo
Voltage: 120V
Features: Platform 29.5 x 18 inches, orbit 2.5cm
Capacity: 4L and 6L flasks
Control: Plus/minus 1rpm
Max. Speed: 25 - 525 rpm
Unit Dimensions: 30 x 45 x 40.4 inches
Temperature: 15C to 32C
Shaker Type: Refrigerated console shaker, benchtop model

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