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Thermo Fisher SPEEDVAC SVC 100H Concentrator

Product Specifications
BRAND  Thermo Fisher Scientific
Product Description
This Thermo Fisher Savant SPEEDVAC SVC 100H is priced with the rotor - refrigeration trap available at extra cost. Get virtually 100% sample recovery. Combine high vacuum evaporation with centrifugal force over 300xg to concentrate and reduce sample volumes of aqueous or organic solvents. Centrifugal force, applied by the rotor spinning at up to 17,000RPM, concentrates all the sample at the bottom of the tube, assuring almost 100% sample recovery - very important when working with hazardous materials or those in the microgram, nanogram or smaller ranges. Evaporation can be accelerated by switching on the integral heater which warms the chamber to selectable 36C, especially useful for aqueous solvents. Gentle concentration and drying eliminate bumping & foaming, and the need for shell freezing, washdown and other steps that can cause sample loss or cross-contamination. Evaporative cooling of the sample eliminates factors that lead to denaturation or inactivation of such temperature-sensitive samples as DNA or bioactive proteins and peptides. The rotor holds the tubes and vials at a fixed angle to force the solute to the bottom and maximize surface area exposed to evaporation. The rotor is isolated in a chamber that assures the integrity of the vacuum and protects the motor from corrosion. Includes 24 tube rotor. Refrigeration trap and vacuum pump are not included but are available at extra cost (ask your sales rep to check our stock if needed).

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