The New Brunswick G-25 Shaker Incubator

The New Brunswick G-25 Shaker Incubator
Product Specifications
BRAND  Eppendorf
The New Brunswick G-25 Shaker Incubator is electronically controlled and built for continuous operation for incubation with shaking fermentation. The rugged unit offers dual thermostat control and monitoring. Should the control thermostat fail, a safety feature prevents overheating. A temperature rise over 2°C will also cause the safety to take over, which will be signalled by the lit safety pilot indicator.Equipped with its 400-watt nichrome heating system, the sysem may be operated in refrigerated rooms for low temperature operation. The system is protected by a 5-amp fuse located on the control panel.
 Available in low-profile units and refrigeration models, the New Brunswick model has optional heavy load kits to meet specific laboratory demands. The incubator also features side panel controls, and a cover safety shut-off switch, which controls the main power, shaker, thermostat, and speed. Additionally, a tachometer and thermostat light provide readouts.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 
External (Lid Closed)       22.0 in. x 45.5 in. x 30.5 in.
Chamber             22 in. x 34.5 in. 12.5 in. (optional H: 19.5 in.)
Power Requirements     120VAC 60Hz 10A
Operating Temperature                Ambient to +60°C ± 0.5
Speed/Stroke    40 – 400 rpm at 1” circle
Temperature Range       5 deg.C above ambient to 60 deg.C
Capacity               2 liters
Speed Range     40 to 400 rpm, 30-285 strokes/min.
Net Weight         325 lbs (Optional: 350 lbs)
Ball Bearing Motor           Thoroughly Insulated Hermetically Sealed Double-Pane Viewing Window
1/6 HP D.C. Drive Motor 

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