Spectra Precision HD150 Laser Distance Meter | Rent, Finance, or Buy

Spectra Precision HD150 Handheld Distance Meter

Spectra Precision HD150 Handheld Distance Meter
Product Specifications
BRAND  Spectra Precision
TYPE Laser Meter
The handheld Spectra Precision Laser™ HD150 provides fast and accurate distance measuring in a variety of construction-related applications.


Benefits include: 

  • One-person operation
  • Ability to safely measure to hard-to-reach locations
  • High accuracy (±2 mm / <1/8 in up to 30 m / 100 ft) over a long range (±2 mm / <1/8 in up to 150 m / 500 ft), eliminating rework
  • Rugged construction that stands up to tough job site conditions
  • Ability to measure from a variety of fixed reference points including floors, walls, round columns, and both inside and outside corners
  • Simple keyboard interface that minimizes training and work time
  • Ability to store, add or subtract measured values

(Product discontinued by manufacturer)

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