Solinst 3001 Levelogger Gold Water Level Logger

Solinst 3001 Levelogger Gold Water Level Logger
BRAND  Solinst
The Levelogger Gold is a water level and temperature recording device. It combines a datalogger, 10-year battery, pressure transducer and temperature sensor, in a small, minimal maintenance, 7/8" x 6" (22 mm x 154 mm) stainless steel housing. The sealed Faraday cage design greatly simplifies maintenance and provides protection against electrical spikes caused by lightning. A Zirconium Nitride coating resists corrosion.

The Levelogger Gold offers high resolution and reliability with an accuracy of 0.05%. The Levelogger Gold has excellent transducer, temperature and clock accuracies. Altitude, water density, temperature and barometric compensations also add to the accuracy and instrument stability.

High accuracy, long-term stability and an internal battery that lasts for 10 years when reading every minute, make Leveloggers the ideal devices for recording water levels. A Barologger provides the easiest and most accurate method of barometric compensation.

  • Self-test capability
  • Maintenance-free, waterproof design
  • Protected from power surges, such as lightning
  • Real-time viewing; data can be exported
  • Radio, satellite or cellular telemetry
  • SDI-12 compatible, up to 1500 ft (450 m)
  • User-selectable, 30 line sampling schedule

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