Solinst 3001 Leveloader Gold Data Logger

Solinst 3001 Leveloader Gold Data Logger
BRAND  Solinst
The Leveloader Gold is a field-ready, backwards compatible data transfer unit designed for use with all versions of the Solinst Levelogger®, Rainlogger and Barologger. It is used to download, store and transfer multiple data files, using 8 Mb of non-volatile FLASH memory. The Leveloader™ has a rugged, water-resistant, ergonomic exterior and stores up to 1,390,000 LT readings, 930,000 LTC readings or 34 full Levelogger downloads. Stored data can be scrolled through before transfer to a PC. The Leveloader can also be used to display data in real-time, which is ideally suited for conducting conventional pumping tests. 

Key features
  • 1.39 million datapoints or 50 Levelogger Edge files
  • Start/stop and reprogram Leveloggers in the field
  • Real-time view option
  • Scroll through data
  • Levelogger Setup File integration
  • Robust memory
  • Long battery life
  • Large LCD screen
  • Optical and direct read interface cables
  • Standard connections for USB 

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