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Sechrist IV-200 Pediatric Ventilator

Sechrist IV-200 Pediatric Ventilator
Product Specifications
BRAND  Sechrist
The Sechrist IV-200 Infant/Pediatric Ventilator is a pressure-limited, time cycled, continuous flow ventilator. Manual breaths and CPAP is also available. The Sechrist IV-200 control circuitry can be operated with 100-240 volts AC, 50/60 Hz. It can also be operated from a 12 volt DC power supply using the accessory power cable provided. This ventilator requires pneumatic power and operates on external compressed air and oxygen sources from 30-60 psi. The gas mixing blender and flowmeter are enclosed within the ventilator housing. 

The Sechrist IV-200 ventilator is capable of meeting the most demanding requirements of the NICU or PICU around the world. The built-in displays provide easy-to-read continuous ventilation parameter information. 

The alarm package and modes of ventilation including CPAP are similar to the IV100B infant ventilator system. This ventilator can adequately ventilate newborns to pediatric patients with precise control of oxygen concentration, at respiratory rates from 1 to 150 BPM. To prevent inadvertent PEEP when higher flow rates are used, a special pediatric exhalation valve block and pediatric circuit are available. 

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