SDI Diagnostics Astratouch Spirometer

SDI Diagnostics Astratouch Spirometer
Product Specifications
BRAND  SDI Diagnostics
MODEL  Astratouch Spirometer
The AstraTouch Desktop Spirometer provides easy navigation when performing comprehensive spirometry testing. Its multifunctional capabilities provide a means of making a diagnostic decision from the screen data, from its resident printer or off-line report writers. PC links via USB or optional Bluetooth make easy work of storing data archivally, transferring tests to EMR or performing real- time direct testing.

The AstraTouch Spirometer was designed to be easy to use while providing accurate and precise testing data. The simplicity of operation and wealth of configurability options expand the scope of spirometry testing like never before. Review and enter data, make a diagnosis, print a report or download to EMR quickly and with minimal effort.

  • Test patients in your office or lab, with a  
    wide array of testing configurations
  • Observe test results in real time
  • Download test results to the patient's record
  • Perform interactive real-time testing on your PC
  • Save results or print hard copies of selected data
Optional MIP/MEP, Sniff: The optional MIP/MEP module interfaces directly with the 
AstraTouch spirometer, allowing for rapid testing of your patient’s 
inspiratory and expiratory pressures. 

AstraGuard Bacterial/Viral Filter: The AstraGuard bacterial/viral filter provides virtually perfect 
infection protection for expiratory and inspiratory spirometry 
testing. Its single-patient use greatly reduces costly and timeconsuming 
disinfection procedures. 

Pulse Oximetry: The evaluation of O2 saturation and heart rate parameter 
measurements can be very important, especially in patients 
with COPD. The optional Pulse Oximetry module allows for 
quick, easy testing and complete reporting. 

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