Puritan Bennett Renaissance II Spirometer

Puritan Bennett Renaissance II Spirometer
Product Specifications
BRAND  Medtronic
MODEL  Renaissance II
Portability, ease of use and a true real time graphic display makes the Renaissance II Spirometry System an excellent choice to diagnose respiratory disease in any setting. The Puritan Bennett brand, a pioneeer in portable spirometry, continues its tradition of offering quality products that provide superior patient care.

Product Features:
Easy to use, quick set-up, no warm-up time. The Renaissance II system's intuitive design includes quick keys for set up, pre-programmed function keys, and audio/visual patient incentives so minimal training is needed.
  • Real time display allows you to view the test as it's being performed and the audio-visual incentive helps to ensure patient cooperation and quality results.
  • The Renaissance II system meets ATS standards for accuracy and precision, and uses a disposable flow sensor to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination and reduce staff clean-up time.
  • Wide variety of testing parameters to meet individual needs, including pre-post comparisons, predicted normals, and result interpretation.
  • Ability to calculate "Return On Investment" (ROI) so clinicians can immediately calculate the economic advantages of adding the Renaissance II Spirometry System to their office.
  • 1,000 patient memory-backed up with lithium ion batteries to store patient data.
  • Color printout reports for simple interpretation and quick viewing.
  • Renaissance II (PB700) Spirometer
  • Dimensions: 5.752" H x 7.5" W x 2.25" D
  • Weight: 18 oz
  • Accuracy: Validated to comply with American Thoracic Society Standards for Spirometry, 1994 update.
  • Volume: ±3% of reading or 50 ml, whichever is greater. FEV1 measured by back extrapolation method
  • Flow: ±5% of reading or 200 ml/sec, whichever is greater for FEF 25-75 and ±10% or 400ml/sec, whichever is greater for PEF
  • MVV: ±5% of reading

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