Progroup Instruments WellPro 4000CE

BRAND  Progroup Instrument
MODEL  WellPro 4000CE
With interchangeable 12 and 24 channel liquid heads and the ability to perform operations by column or row, the WellPro 4000CE is the choice for 96 and 384-well applications.

The 12-channel head performs portrait and landscape operations 8 or 12 pipette tips, respectively, while the 24-channel head uses 16 or 24. 

Serial Dilutions, Plate Filling and Plate to Plate Transfers, also known as Plate Replication and Mother Daughter Plates, can all be performed on one instrument in a variety of configurations.

ProGroup Instruments provides several models of the WellPro Instrument for liquid handling to pharmaceutical research, public health, and biotech research facilities as well as clinical laboratories.

  • Easy to use intuitive software built on the Windows CE platform
  • developed by researchers for researchers
  • Fast - with user adjustable motor speeds for different sample types
  • Flexible - compatible with most plate styles and configurations in 96 and 384 well format
  • Precise - accurate reliable results
  • High quality, reasonably priced, non-proprietary pipette tips
  • Bench top instrument, no PC required, and it fits in a hood
  • 21 CFR Part11 Compliant
  • Aliquot for faster transfer of solutions

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