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Photovac MicroFID Flame Ionization Detector

Photovac MicroFID Flame Ionization Detector
BRAND  Photovac
Detects up to 50,000 PPM VOCs, including methane, in fugitive emissions or environmental applications. At just 8.1 lb, the MicroFID is the smallest and lightest data logging Flame Ionization Detector (FID) available. One tutor key prompts you through basic operations. Critical data is displayed and logged in less than 3 sec within the concentration range of 0.1-50,000 PPM. A simple two-step calibration holds for a full workday. The MicroFID ergonomic design includes a built-in handle and a rubberized keypad that can be used while wearing protective equipment. Replaceable and rechargeable battery packs operate for as long as 15 hours. The MicroFID is classified as Intrinsically Safe according to UL sandards.For trouble-free measurement of soil gases where the response factor consistency of an FID is mandatory, or where methane must be included in the total reading, the MicroFID has no equal.Key Features
  • Can detect Total VOCs from 0.1 ppm to 50,000 ppm
  • Designed to meet and exceed US EPA Method 21 for Fugitive Emissions
  • >12 hour Hydrogen Discharge time

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