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Philips BV-300 Plus C-Arm

Product Specifications
BRAND  Philips
​The Philips BV-300 Plus c-arm system is a multi-application mobile X-ray imaging system with a high-resolution CCD camera, outstanding image quality with low X-ray dosage, crisp, clear images and superior penetration power.
  • Features auto and manual fluoroscopy mode for continuous or pulsed operation, optional pulse fluoroscopy exposure mode, frame averaging, collimation with dual opposing lead shutters allowing elliptical, round and rectangular collimation, and radiographic mode. Equipped with a full-wave generator, a fixed anode X-ray tube, a collimator, a tri-mode image intensifier with dual standard-resolution video monitors. Thermal printer, DICOM, rotating anode X-ray tube, vascular functions, laser light, tri-mode 12”/9/6 II, and image capture device are available as optional.
  • Suitable for extended processing, vascular functions and extended vascular functions.
  • Specification include 40 to110 kVp fluoroscopy mode range, 512 x 512 pixels, 69 x 35 x 72 c-arm dimensions, 69 x 37 x 37 workstation dimensions, 30.7" c-arm free space, 0.6 mm focal spot size, 35000 hu X-ray tube heat capacity and 190 Image Storage.
  • Tri-Mode 9"/6"/4" Image Intensifier
  • 40 to110 kVp fluoroscopy mode range
  • 512 x 512 pixels
  • 69 x 35 x 72 c-arm dimensions
  • 69 x 37 x 37 workstation dimensions
  • 30.7" c-arm free space
  • 0.6 mm focal spot size
  • 35000 hu X-ray tube heat capacity
  • 190 Image Storage.
  • Dual 17" Hi-resolution Monitors With Cart
  • Image Storage
  • CCD Camera,
  • Matrix Camera 8"x10" Format,
  • Fixed X-ray Tube
  • Hard Copy Device

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