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Philips BV Libra C-Arm

Philips BV Libra C-Arm
Product Specifications
BRAND  Philips
MODEL  Libra
APPLICATION Neurovascular
APPLICATION Pain Management
The Philips BV Libra c-arm system is the lightweight and compact system with a human ware and smooth design that includes form-fitting handles and sturdy base which makes it easy to operate and transport anywhere. Additionally, Philips initiative includes the DoseWise to cut down the radiation dose required to produce great images.
  • Features such as advanced image processing help to subtract vascular procedures and remasking, real-time contrast, brightness, and edge enhancement provide crisper, clearer, and high-quality images, DICOM integration, single-button control, and automatic movement detection helps in easy positioning.
  • Used in surgery, intensive care, outpatient care, and emergency rooms. It also handles all routine procedures such as orthopedic, abdominal, thoracic, neurosurgical, and vascular procedures.
  • Specifications consists of dual high-resolution monitors, 9” triple mode image intensifier, BodySmart imaging software which helps to recognize anatomy, dose-saving pulsed fluoro mode, full radiology information system, medicapture or paper printer, medical DVD recorder, and modality performed procedure step (MPPS).
  • Dual high-resolution monitors
  • 9” triple-mode image intensifier
  • BodySmart imaging software
  • Philips DoseWise
  • Laser aiming
  • Dose-saving pulsed fluoro mode
  • Full Radiology Information System/Hospital Information System (RIS/HIS) compatibility
  • Medicapture or Paper/transparency printer
  • Medical DVD recorder
  • DICOM integration
  • Modality Perfomed Procedure Step (MPPS)
  • Single button control

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